Smiling at the end of a bad day!

Sundays in my family always revolve around food! And after today I’m already dreading next Sunday! I’ve eaten too much I feel disgusting and ridden with guilt. Tomorrow I’m going jeans shopping- cos my skinnys are too big so I’m going to get smaller ones and in all honesty after today I feel like 3 inches if fat and flab have attached themselves to my hips and stomach :(. Also today was tiring cos my two nieces were round all day. Now I absolutely adore my nieces but they exhaust me.
So feeling fat and despondent I took twelve laxies!!!
But then bang on midnight my first module for my teaching course came through! And oh my god it is so much work!! My first deadline is twelve days away!!!! But I’m so excited to get started! I won’t have so much time tomorrow cos I’ve got a dentist appointment. But I’ll do a bit! Tuesday and Thursday are the days I’ve set aside this week!! I’m so excited and determined for this course. This is my gateway to the future I want!
So after a really trying and difficult day I’m going to bed with a smile on my face and hope in my heart!

Bye for now xx


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